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Acupoint Injection Therapy

Acupoint injection therapy, or trigger point injection therapy, was developed by Dr. Janet Travell, MD, who was a pioneer in the development of myofascial pain therapies. Dr. Janet Travell was President John F. Kennedy’s personal physician and relieved his chronic back pain after five surgeries failed.

Dr. Travell’s research demonstrated that a myofascial trigger point will produce pain and other symptoms of referred pain in other parts of the body. She said “Myofascial Trigger Points are among the most common yet poorly recognized and inadequately managed causes of musculosketal pain seen in medical practice.” In our practice we have found that the overwhelming majority of cases of musculoskeletal pain are due to these myofascial trigger points, and that by removing the trigger points there is profound pain relief.

Acupoint injection therapy utilizes compounds such as procaine, saline, and methylcobalamine (vitamin B12) injected into the active myofascial trigger points. It is important to point out that the injections are not merely about getting an injection with a pain-killer. The identification of the affected muscle groups and their referred pain pathways takes considerable training, and the injections aim to eradicate these referred pain pathways – which are the source of your pain, and restore normal muscle function.

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